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There must always be a balance in all things.  The positive and negative.  The yin and the yang.  Even when it comes to tropical islands, the favored climate of The Mad Gringo, there is a downside.  That would be the innate volcanic nature of these areas.  Destructive and powerful, yet giving birth to these beautiful places.  You see what I mean about balance?


This tropical is our attempt to capture this feeling and put it into shirt form.  See the red flowing lines coursing over the blue and white.  That's the magma of the earth rising from the foamy sea, to create something new and tropical.  It's all quite poetic, really.


Alternatively, you could just say it's a pretty darn cool looking shirt.  That's up to you really, I don't know and I'm never going to try sounding this artsy again.

Volcanic Activity

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