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The bright aquamarine hue of the sea at its surface become richer and darker as one descends into the depths, progressively passing through various shades until a rich purple-blue is achieved.  We’re not talking Marianas Trench deep here, but certainly below ordinary scuba dives.  This portion of our world is a mystery, most of it completely unexplored by man.  What lives down there?  What marvels does the ocean withhold from us?
Well if you believe “Up From the Depths” our fabulous tropical shirt, which is exquisitely colored to match those unfathomable waters, you’ll find turtles, starfish, and a few assorted shells.
Oh, and this eerie, slightly scary, pineapple skull thingy.
Probably there should be a Kraken, too, because I’m pretty sure that’s where it lives.

Up From the Depths

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