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Maybe this one is a little too on the nose, but how could I resist naming the brightest, most orange tropical we’ve ever had after the big burning orb in the sky?  It looks like it could burn you if you touch it, but just like the sun it has some immutable property that just says “I don’t care if it hurts, I really want to look at it.”  Unlike the actual sun, however, it won’t scar your retinas to look at this beauty.

Also, much like our sun, if you look at it up close enough, it’s got some pretty neat little details.  A cool, swirly pattern that provides some light contrast to that hot color, and of course, our patented pineapple skull.  The biggest similarity between the two has to be that when you’re wearing this guy out on the beach, or a night on the town, or whatever it is you do for fun, people will be worshipping the ground you walk upon.  Just like the people of the ancient days worshipped the sun, I guarantee it.

So get it while it's hot, people!  See what I did there?

Surface of the Sun

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