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Sunrise Over the Desert

Not long ago I awoke to the spreading of dawn across a nameless southwestern desert sky. How I'd gotten here was a mystery wrapped in a few hazy images involving a poker game, a bottle of rum, and possibly a red-head. Or maybe it was an Irish Setter. What wasn't a mystery was the two hundred pound mountain lion slinking among the shadows, on the prowl for an easy breakfast.

Fortunately, I was still in my Southwestern Sunrise Kokopelli tropical. When the predator cast his gaze in my direction, the shirt blended in perfectly with the rising ball of fire. I was essentially invisible. I practiced my best Go Slow skills, and eventually the beast slunk away.

Just an average day at Mad Gringo, saving lives while providing cool, tropical gear to help you Go Slow.

Southwestern Sunrise

SKU: MG-510-15
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