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Despite the fact that I’ve never been a big fan of “between the toes” sandals, I gotta tell you I absolutely loved these.  Even though they seemed a little… er… “hard” when I first started wearing them. Fortunately, they quickly softened up to more of a “walking on pillows of air” feel.Based on scientific testing, we also know our Slippahs hold up well to a summer’s worth of Mad wear and tear.  Definitely much better than the discount store’s strictly-utilitarian flip-flops (read word with derisive sneer.)  Plus, they have our cool, pineapple skull logo on them.  What could be better?They are so good looking, in fact, that they make even the ugliest feet look better.  A lot better.  Trust us on this.  Or ask somebody with a foot fetish.  Now, I’m not saying our Slippahs can change every sow’s ear into a silk purse….  Oh wait, maybe I am.Foot beautification. Just another service we provide here at Mad Gringo.


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