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Mad Evan personally endorses this wallet, and I can certainly see why – it’s a fine-grained leather beauty with an attractive stamped pineapple skull adorning its corner.  ME says that it’s the best wallet he’s ever owned, from the way it smoothly slides into his hip pocket, to the way it seems to stay there whenever it’s time to pick up the tab at our favorite watering hole.

Apparently, the only thing that will help you dodge a bar bill more effectively is not carrying a wallet at all. Trust me, I have the proof.

Of course, carrying no wallet is a sure way to guarantee you’ll run out of gas on your next trip to the Quicky Mart. Karma sucks.

So do the next best thing and grab one of our Gringo wallets – the savings in bar bills alone should pay you back many times over.

Mad Evan's Favorite Wallet

SKU: MG-LW0001
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