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The Portuguese Man O' War is a rather strange little critter.  First, it isn't just one creature, but actually a colony of several living things working together.  That's pretty weird, isnt it?  Second, it has potent stingers that can be active long after it's death, so don't touch it if you see one on the beach.  Third, it is frequently a bright shade of purple.


With all of these things in mind, my fellow Gringos, I present to you: the Gring O' War?  Notice the shocking shade of purple, the long, flowy tentacle-like pattern, and of course the fact that it is formed of several pieces of fabric stitched together.  How bizzare, the similarities are uncanny!


The upside of this beauty is it won't hurt you if you touch it.  Quite the opposite in fact. 

Gring O' War

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