I need your help!

Holy smokes, getting back to the grind after vacation is always hard. There is never enough time away, is there? Whether it's two days, two weeks, two months, etc.

I hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July weekend and made the best of it. I traveled up to northern Wisconsin to spend time with family and let me tell you...they party with the best of them. Long sunny days that turn to late nights that end in a tent soaked in bonfire smell and bug spray. We always manage to drink too much beer and get a little sun burnt but I wouldn't trade the rare opportunity to see everyone for anything. Even with the 20 hour round trip car ride with a 1.5 year old.

With that quick recap I wanted to ask you all to help me out. I'm wanting to gain a bit more of an online presence because I think more people could use the Mad Gringo lifestyle added to their everyday. With that being said, go and give us a review on google, follow us on instagram and have fun with it! We will be doing some cool stuff on our instagram like giveaways, the chance to purchase past Mad Gringo tropicals and special tropicals that we only get ONE of!

I want Mad Gringo to live a long, healthy, and relatively stress free life. So head to our socials and give it a follow, review or like and I will chat with you all more on those!

Thanks as always for the endless support we have from you loyal friends. It makes this whole "job" not feel like one.

Happy Tuesday and GO SLOW!

Mad Abbey

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